COVID-19 Emergency Fund

All day, every day, PCOA is getting calls to our Helpline from older people who can cook for themselves but can’t find the food they need, can’t afford food, or are unable to leave their homes to shop. People are struggling to obtain other necessities, like hygiene and household items, medical and incontinence supplies. Many older people are adrift because their informal networks have collapsed. The friendly neighbor who used to take them shopping is no longer leaving their home. Family members who used to swing by with a few extra groceries have lost jobs and can no longer help. Friends who shared food are avoiding contact for everyone’s safety. While people are being told to stock up, many vulnerable community members are struggling just to maintain what they need on a daily basis.

You can help. If you are looking for a way to help support older adults in our community during these challenging times, your donation toward helping us provide these and other unmet needs would be greatly appreciated, and will do so much good.