Ambassador Program

Interested in community resources? Volunteers serve as PCOA emissaries to provide factual information, educational materials, and referrals to older adults and their caregivers. Monthly in-service training and resource materials are provided. PCOA Ambassadors are found in a wide range of community-based settings.

Volunteer Ambassadors are often the first connection to services for many older adults. They may be found in a wide range of community settings throughout Pima County.

What else should I know?

You have many choices in the ways you share resources with your community. You may:

  • Refer seniors to the PCOA Helpline.
  • Place announcements and articles supplied by PCOA in community newsletters and bulletins.
  • Consult with PCOA to identify a regular location and time for providing resource and educational materials.
  • Give out information at health fairs and events.
  • Distribute PCOA’s newspaper, Never Too Late, to community locations.
  • Provide feedback to PCOA on the needs and wants that you hear from older adults in your community.
  • Connect people to PCOA who wish to play an active role in shaping age-friendly livable communities.

You will receive an initial training complete with a resource binder. Monthly meetings provide continuing education and peer to peer support.

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