Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Do residents of nursing homes touch your heart? Volunteers are trained and assigned to elder care facilities to advocate for residents of those facilities. Part of the national Long Term Care Ombudsman’s Program and Certified by the State of Arizona LTC Ombudsman Program.

What is a Long Term Care Ombudsman?

A Long Term Care Ombudsman is a specially trained and certified advocate who works to improve the quality of life and the quality of care of residents living in long term care facilities.

Why should you call the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program?

The Ombudsman program offers a safe and confidential way for residents to voice their complains and concerns.

How does the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program help residents?

Ombudsmen provide routine visits to long term care facilities to talk to residents about their concerns and to monitor conditions in the facilities. Ombudsmen always respect the resident’s and the complainant’s confidentiality. Ombudsmen focus complain resolution on the resident’s wishes.

What the Long Term Care Ombudsman do?

  • Assists residents in obtaining needed services.
  • Empowers residents and families to advocate for themselves.
  • Educates residents, family, facility staff, and the community.
  • Coordinates efforts with other agencies and service providers.
  • Identifies problem areas in long-term care facilities and advocates for change.
  • Promotes resident, family, and community involvement in long-term care.
  • Investigates and attempts to resolve complains made by or on behalf of long term care residents.
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