COVID-19 Assistance & Services

Full Interview with Tucson Thrive in the 05:

Forum on Social Isolation with Steve Kozachik:

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Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Presentation for COVID-19 Related Medicare Fraud:


COVID-19 Resources

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Additional Resources

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks either for sale or for public distribution in our community. Face coverings are required to be worn in public settings in Pima County to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Grocery Delivery/Curbside Pick Up

Many grocery stores are offering delivery or curbside pick up. To ensure that you have the food and supplies that you need, check the availability for pick up and delivery prior to your order. Due to increased demand from COVID-19, many stores ask that you order days in advance.

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Help With Bills

Due to COVID-19, there are many programs that can help you to get forbearance on your rent or mortgage payment should you need to isolate or quarantine. Evictions in the State of Arizona have been halted due to the crisis if you cannot pay rent due to a COVID-19 related issue like loss of income or needing to quarantine/isolate.

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Social isolation and loneliness only exacerbate pre-existing mental and physical health issues. There are various hotlines to call for information and support for a variety of issues you may be experiencing.

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If you were employed and lost a job from COVID-19, here are an assortment of resources to file for unemployment and to look for new jobs. Many unemployment benefits have been expanded to deal with this growing health crisis. Wait times may be long, continue to try back on resources you weren't able to get a hold of at first.

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Meals and Nutrition

Many non-profit and community organizations are expanding access food through delivered meals, sack lunches, shelf-stable food, and other means. Some of these programs may require means testing or prioritization of those most in need.

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Social Connection

Though it is imperative that we continue to implement social distancing practices to prevent illness, socialization is still critical for our mental and physical health. Here are some options to stay engaged with your community while practicing social distancing.

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Symptom Check/Testing

If you experience symptoms of shortness of breath, fever, or dry cough, call your health care provider immediately. If you need testing or do not have a health care provider, here are some places to visit. If you experience severe shortness of breath, flushed lips, dizziness, severe pressure or tightness of the chest, or other extreme symptoms, call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest emergency room.

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