October 28, 2020

PCOA Provides New Service Opportunity for Family Caregivers

TUCSON, AZ – PCOA is proud to announce a new opportunity for family caregivers to take a restorative break by launching its Friends and Neighbors program.

Friends and Neighbors is the newest addition to PCOA’s selection of respite care services. Other services offered include traditional in-home respite care and adult day health.

For non-paid caregivers, living in the home of the loved one they are caring for can take much time and energy, leaving little for these caregivers to restore themselves. PCOA’s Friends and Neighbors program provides a non-paid family caregiver who is caring for a loved one over the age of 60 with a much-needed restorative break by paying for the caregiver to hire another member of the family or a close friend to provide the respite care.

Nationally, one in four adults are family caregivers. Approximately 90% of people who care for loved ones are family members, performing daily chores and providing support to their loved one. PCOA’s Friends and Neighbors program helps to provide critical assistance directly to non-paid family caregivers experiencing compounded challenges, especially during these difficult and trying times.

“We are excited to add this to the wide-array of services offered to non-paid caregivers in our community,” said W. Mark Clark, President & CEO of PCOA. “As a family caregiver, it is important to take the time you need to complete personal tasks for yourself, whether it is going to the grocery store, church, or simply taking a much-needed nap. Our new Friends and Neighbors program allows you to have control of who you have in your home caring for your loved one.”

To learn more about PCOA’s resources for family caregivers, and to see if you qualify for the Friends and Neighbors program, call PCOA’s Helpline at (520) 790-7262.