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PCOA has delivered information relevant to older adults through our newspaper, Never Too Late, since shortly after we opened our doors in 1967. From the days when Never Too Late was typed on a manual typewriter and produced by mimeograph, and later by Xerox, to the modern method of printing and delivery by our colleagues at the Arizona Daily Star, Never Too Late has consistently offered information about happenings in our community and at PCOA, ways to engage, available services, and issues important to older adults. Never Too Late has historically been a publication for PCOA’s members. Recently we expanded our focus to deliver timely, critical information to our entire community.

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If you have questions about advertising in Never Too Late or submitting content, please contact our editor, Adina Wingate at 520-258-5067. For questions about personal or corporate delivery, please contact Jan Baker at 520-258-5076.

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