End of Life Care Planning

For information and assistance on End of Life Care Planning, call (520) 790-7262 or visit azendoflifecare.org.

NOTICE: All participants in our in-person events will be required to wear masks and adhere to PCOA distancing and safety guidelines, regardless of vaccination status. To assure your safety and that of others, depending on the situation with COVID-19 in our community, the event may be canceled or changed from an in-person event to a virtual event. Once registered, you will be notified regarding any such changes, should they occur, and provided with information about how to join the virtual event and additional options.

The most inevitable part of life for each of us is that it will eventually come to an end. At PCOA, we believe that part of living well is preparing well for dying—and that’s why we provide “end of life care planning.”

Have you and your loved ones had conversations about the care you want toward the end of your life? Do you fully understand the options to consider? Have you made decisions and completed Advance Directives like a Living Will or Healthcare Powers of Attorney to document these wishes?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions and would like to learn more, PCOA and the End of Life Care Partnership can help!

  • One-on-one coaching is available by phone or in-person (with safety protocols) to help individuals understand their options, discuss wishes with important people, and formalize end of life decisions. Offered in English and Spanish.
  • Family conversation facilitation is available to assist families to understand, support, and honor their loved one’s end of life decisions. Offered in English and Spanish.
  • Community education provides group instruction about end of life care planning through engaging and interactive presentations.  Offered in English and Spanish.
  • End of life presentations are available and can be tailored to meet the end of life care planning needs of your company, place of worship, or community group.

If you would like to learn more about our end of life resources, call us at (520) 790-7262 or visit azendoflifecare.org. Bilingual services are available.

Anchored by the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and fueled by the support of local foundations, the End of Life Care Partnership is dedicated to providing education and resources that prepare adults to plan for end of life care.

End of Life Education Videos:  The Death and Taxes Series

Episode 1: What is End of Life Care Planning Anyway?
Episode 2: What are Advance Directives and Where Do I Get Them?
Episode 3: Which Advance Directive Forms are Right for Me?
Episode 4: How Do I Pick a Person to Advocate for My Wishes?
Episode 5: My Advance Directives are Done! Now What?

End of Life Care Planning Information and Forms

Advance Directive Forms with Explanation and Instructions
Information Card (English and Spanish)
Glossary of End of Life Terms
Glossary of End of Life Terms (Spanish)
Frequently Asked Questions about End of Life
Frequently Asked Questions about End of Life (Spanish)

Online Resources:  Conversations about Dying and Death


Online Resources:  End of Life Care Planning (Advance Directives)


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