Long-Term Care

The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is a Medicaid program in the state of Arizona that pays for long-term care services in the home or in a facility. This program is for people who cannot afford to pay for their own care, and financial and medical eligibility criteria must be met to qualify.

Simplified Guide to ALTCS

Simplified Guide to ALTCS (Spanish)

ALTCS PowerPoint Presentation

ALTCS PowerPoint Presentation (Spanish)

2024 ALTCS Workshop Calendar

PCOA ALTCS Workshop Video

UPDATE: This workshop video was recorded in February of 2020. The essential information remains current though financial limits have changed; please refer to the ALTCS Simplified Guide.

If you would like more information about the ALTCS eligibility guidelines and application process, and to get your ALTCS questions answered, we invite you to attend PCOA’s ALTCS Workshop, which beginning in 2024 will be held the fourth Wednesday of every month.  There is no cost for older adults or their family and friends. Registration is required, so please call (520) 790-7262.

The VA also has a program to help eligible veterans pay for needed care. Please call (520) 207-4960 for more information or visit the VA’s website