Various programs offer different forms of transportation and often require advanced notice for a ride. Volunteer transportation groups typically provide rides that are customized to the passenger. Transportation for people with disabilities use door-to-door service by utilizing mini-buses or vans. To learn more about ADA transportation resources, call (520) 791-5409. Public transportation has reduced fare/rates for older adults and people who are low-income.

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Additional Resources

Accessible Transportation

Accessible transportation resources are designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities. To learn more about ADA transportation resources, call (520) 791-5409.

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Driving Classes and Assessments

Classes and assessments for older adults. Taking select driving courses may reduce your auto insurance premiums.

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Public Transit

There are several public transit options for Pima County.

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Vehicle Modification

These organizations can help people with disabilities to modify your vehicle or provide equipment to modify your vehicle.

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Volunteer Ride Services

These organizations offer door-to-door rides by volunteers in the community.

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