One-on-One Caregiver Consultation

Do you have questions about caregiving?

If you provide care to another person, whether they are a friend or family member, whether they live with you or across the country, you may benefit from the guidance and support of a knowledgeable professional who understands all that caregiving entails.

The Caregiver Specialists at PCOA understand that caring for a loved one creates many challenges. Our aim is to decrease stress and increase support and coping skills for caregivers by providing:

  • Information and assistance in gaining access to resources, services, and benefits.
  • Individual and family consultations, in person or by phone, to support decision-making and problem-solving related to the caregiving role.
  • Specialized expertise in the needs of LGBTQ older people.

Caregiver Specialists also assist older adults planning for their own future by exploring options, providing resource information, and helping them develop a plan that meets their goals.

If you are a person providing care to someone 60 or older, or someone of any age with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, call us at (520) 790-7262 to request a consultation with a Caregiver Specialist.