Visibility Matters

LGBTQI+ Cultural Responsiveness Training

As LGBTQI+ people age and need supportive services to meet their aging goals, many of them question whether it is safe to share with their providers that they are LGBTQI+ due to stigma they have witnessed and experienced over their lifetimes.

The Visibility Matters training helps care providers gain the tools needed to create a safe place for LGBTQI+ people to be their authentic selves so that we can meet their unique needs. The training provides information about how to be more aware, sensitive, and responsive to LGBTQI+ older people and their families.

Visibility Matters is an excellent training for long term care facilities, medical professionals, senior centers, in-home care providers, case managers, or anyone serving older people in Pima County. Trainees can expect to learn:

  • Historical context regarding the strained relationship between LGBTQI+ people and community institutions
  • The complex impact additional identities, such as race and ability, have on health outcomes, financial resources, and personal supports
  • The specific vulnerabilities of LGBTQI+ older people as it relates to end of life planning, palliative care, hospice care, and memory care
  • The importance of making your organization’s efforts visible and welcoming
  • How to provide the best support and resources to LGBTQI+ older people as they age

Visibility Matters is designed to be a two-hour training, with some flexibility to accommodate the needs of specific audiences. To learn more or schedule a training, contact Sarah Bahnson at

Register for Upcoming Trainings (Dementia Edition):

January 26th at 10am
February 23rd at 1pm
March 14th at 10am
April 19th at 1pm
May 11th at 10am
June 6th at 2pm
July 27th at 1pm
August 22nd at 10:30am
September 13th at 11:30am
October 10th at 10am
November 2nd at 1pm
December 6th at 1pm

Visibility Matters Resources:

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Aging Successfully: Needs and Interests of Older LGBTQI Adults in Pima County, Arizona

Visibility Matters is made possible in part thanks to the generous support of:

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Administration on Community Living