Visibility Matters

LGBTQI+ Cultural Responsiveness Training

As LGBTQI+ people age and need supportive services to meet their aging goals, many of them question whether it is safe to share with their providers that they are LGBTQI+ due to stigma they have witnessed and experienced over their lifetimes.

The Visibility Matters training helps care providers gain the tools needed to create a safe place for LGBTQI+ people to be their authentic selves so that we can meet their unique needs. The training provides information about how to be more aware, sensitive, and responsive to LGBTQI+ older people and their families.

Visibility Matters is an excellent training for long term care facilities, medical professionals, senior centers, in-home care providers, case managers, or anyone serving older people in Pima County. Trainees can expect to learn:

  • Historical context regarding the strained relationship between LGBTQI+ people and community institutions
  • The complex impact additional identities, such as race and ability, have on health outcomes, financial resources, and personal supports
  • The specific vulnerabilities of LGBTQI+ older people as it relates to end of life planning, palliative care, hospice care, and memory care
  • The importance of making your organization’s efforts visible and welcoming
  • How to provide the best support and resources to LGBTQI+ older people as they age

Visibility Matters is designed to be a two-hour training, with some flexibility to accommodate the needs of specific audiences. To learn more or schedule a training, contact Sarah Bahnson at

PCOA Visibility Matters Print Brochure

Register for Upcoming Trainings:

May 15th at 11:00am
July 26th at 9:00am
August 13th at 10:00am
September 25th at 1:00pm
October 10th at 2:30pm
November 15th at 11:00am
December 4th at 9:30am
January 21st 2025 at 9:30am
February 13th 2025 at 1:00pm

Visibility Matters Resources:

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Aging Successfully: Needs and Interests of Older LGBTQI Adults in Pima County, Arizona

Visibility Matters is made possible in part thanks to the generous support of:

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Administration on Community Living