Impact Story: Transforming Lives Through Your Support

As we approach the close of 2023, I extend sincere gratitude for your steadfast support of PCOA and our mission to enrich the lives of older adults and caregivers in Pima County. Your generosity has been a catalyst for positive changes in countless lives.

Allow me to share a compelling story illustrating the direct impact of your support. This narrative encapsulates the essence of our mission and how your dedication shaped the trajectory of a 72-year-old disabled Marine Corps veteran in our community.

During a scorching Arizona 114-degree day, Marine Corps veteran Ken faced challenges that he shared on our Facebook page. Responding to our inquiry about how people were coping with the heat, Ken described a recent incident. With only one window air conditioner, he blocked off one room in his house with a heavy blanket to combat the relentless heat by keeping the air conditioning contained. Struggling with numb legs due to a bad disc, Ken collapsed in a room without air conditioning, an experience he likened to the stifling conditions of a closed car. Lying on the floor unable to move due to a debilitating back condition, Ken stated, “I thought I was going to die.”

The urgency of Ken’s situation prompted an immediate response from our team. Swiftly, our dedicated staff provided him with a lifeline through our Home Repair program — the installation of an additional air conditioner that made more of his home habitable, symbolizing a chance at a more comfortable, secure life. We didn’t just stop there. Upon discovering that Ken had gone without hot water for two years, we also repaired his water pipes and installed a new hot water heater.

This powerful example underscores the transformative results made possible by your advocacy and generosity. Your contributions empower us to not only create systemic change for our community’s older adults but to also address urgent, individual needs, a testament to the impact your commitment has on those who may otherwise feel forgotten. PCOA’s commitment to promoting independence, vitality, and respect is evident in the diverse range of programs we offer. From helping Ken through our Home Repair program to initiatives such as Neighbors Care Alliance (neighbors helping their older neighbors), Dementia Capable of Southern AZ, Pima Meals on Wheels, and our End of Life Care Planning program, we remain dedicated to enhancing the aging experience.

Ken’s story, however, goes beyond an individual’s struggle. It points to a growing crisis facing older adults — housing instability. Ken, like many low-income older adults, couldn’t afford the repairs needed to maintain his house. Without assistance from PCOA, Ken stated that he was on the verge of having to leave his home and move to a nursing home. Your support enables us to confront this crisis head-on, preventing housing instability, including the growing homelessness issue among older adults who face substantial increases in expenses like rent (Arizona leads the nation in increased rent prices since the start of the pandemic – a 40% increase!), utilities and groceries.

Your continued generosity empowers us to proactively assist those in need and engage with community partners to explore impactful solutions. In this season of giving and gratitude, we ask for your support to help us continue this vital work for our older community members. Your tax-deductible donation will directly impact the lives of older adults in Pima County, like Ken, ensuring they receive essential services, support, and advocacy.

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