Meals on Wheels Advocacy

Advocating for Food Security for Older Adults

At PCOA, we recognize the pressing issue of food insecurity among older adults, particularly those living on limited social security benefits. The rising costs of living and financial constraints often force older adults to make difficult decisions, including sacrificing meals to cover other essentials.

The Crisis at Hand

Many older adults face the harsh reality of food insecurity daily. With limited financial resources, they are forced to choose between paying for housing, medication, utilities, and food. This tough decision-making process amplifies their vulnerability to hunger and its adverse health effects.

The Role of Advocacy

Advocacy is a crucial tool in addressing the challenges of food insecurity. By raising awareness and urging policymakers to take action, we can create a more supportive environment for older adults facing hunger.

Take Action Today – Your Voice Matters

Your voice holds immense power. Join us in advocating for older adults in our community who are struggling to access nutritious meals. Contact your Representative and urge them to prioritize policies that address food insecurity among older adults. Please also consider joining our Advocacy Alerts e-list and be kept up to date on issues facing our community’s older adults.

Support Pima Meals on Wheels

Your support for Pima Meals on Wheels enables us to deliver nutritious meals directly to the doorsteps of older adults facing food insecurity. With your help, we can continue to combat hunger and ensure that every older adult has access to the nourishment they need. Donate today and help a neighbor!

Together, Let’s Make a Difference

Together, we can create a future where every older adult can age with dignity and security. Join us in advocating for a more just and compassionate society where no one faces the harsh reality of food insecurity alone.

Contact your Representatives today and stand with us in the fight against food insecurity for older adults. Thank you for your support.