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Animal Resources

Organizations and businesses around the community provide services for pets and their owners. These services include animal shelters, animal protective services, emergency pet clinics, euthanasia and cremation, in-home veterinarians, low-cost vaccinations, spay/neuter services, and wildlife rescue and removal. If you see the abuse of an animal or animal hoarding, please contact the Pima Animal Care Center at (520) 724-5900.

In-Home Veterinarians

For those with limited mobility, in-home veterinarians are available to keep pets healthy.

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Homeward Bound Vet Services

In-Home Veterinarian Visits

(520) 668-1238

  • In-Home Services

John Heller, DVM, with Homeward Bound Vet Services, provides in-home euthanasia for cats and dogs.

business hours
By appointment only

Kenneth Cohn, DVM House Calls

Veterinary Home Visits

(520) 465-1533

  • In-Home Services

Because I am a semi-retired veterinarian and enjoy making house calls, I try to keep my fees as reasonable as possible. A simple examination or vaccination may cost a little more than a similar service at the veterinary clinic. Still, your pet will get a complete exam with each home visit, and I will spend as much time discussing pet care (whether yours is a puppy, a kitten, or a senior) as you would like. I can often perform more complicated in-home procedures under reversible sedation. Such procedures may include a small lumpectomy, a simple dental (where no extractions are necessary and meticulous hand scaling is adequate), or the suturing of superficial bite wounds. These services can be significantly less costly than those provided through a full-service clinic.

service area

business hours
7:00 am to 10 pm daily

Depends on service and distance to home visit, but usually between $80 and $90 dollars for in-home examination/consultation.

Kindred Spirits Pet Services

3544 N. Romero Rd., Ste 112
Tucson, AZ 85705

(520) 367-5222

Fax: (520) 367-5223

  • In-Home Services

Kindred Spirits Pet Services provides compassionate, gentle & respectful end of life pet services in the owner's home, including euthanasia and pet hospice performed by a licensed veterinarian. We serve pet owners who struggle to leave their homes, have difficulty transporting their ill or painful pet, or those who prefer the comfort of their own home over the noise and stress of a veterinary clinic. We are the first and only company in Arizona to provide pet aquamation aftercare services - a gentle, eco-friendly, and natural alternative to flame-based pet cremation. We honor pets and the owners' unique bond with them through the dignified end of life care.

service area
Marana,Oro Valley,Sahuarita,Tucson

business hours
Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sat-Sun 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Euthanasia - In-Home / Kindred Spirits comfort room
$300 / $225
Includes a discussion with Dr. Barrett, medication for low-stress sedation & pain relief, gentle euthanasia, Pet Loss Guide
Aquamation aftercare is an additional fee
+ additional fees if indicated
Quality of Life Assessment - In-Home / Kindred Spirits
$175/ $125
Discussion with Dr. Barrett & pet examination
No diagnostics (blood work, x-rays)
Medication is not prescribed or dispensed for quality of life assessment consultations
Waived if Humane Euthanasia is elected at the same visit
+ additional fees if indicated
QOL Assessment & Hospice Enrollment

Added to the QOL assessment fee if enrolling in hospice the same day
Development of a personalized care plan
Education & training regarding care
Medication, fluids, etc. are an additional fee
Hospice Follow Up Visit - In-Home / Kindred Spirits
$100 / $75
Discussion with Dr. Barrett & pet examination
Revision of the pet care plan
Education & training as needed
+ additional fees if indicated
Aggressive or Anxious Pet Pre-Euthanasia Consultation
Discussion with Dr. Barrett & pet examination
Create a euthanasia plan
Dispense medication (additional fee)
+ additional fees if indicated
Pre-Euthanasia Consultation (Optional) - In-Home / Kindred Spirits
$125 / $75
Meet & greet with Dr. Barrett
Learn about the peaceful euthanasia process
Ask questions
+ additional fees if indicated

St. Francis Veterinary Group

In-Home Veterinary Services

(520) 271-7660

Dr. Lee Fike of St. Francis Veterinary Group provides in-home euthanasia for cats and dogs.

business hours
By appointment only, Please call at anytime.

Please call for pricing details

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