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Eyes On Site PLLC

3210 S. Gilbert Rd., Ste 2
Chandler , AZ 85286

(480) 626-8925

Fax: (480) 704-4036


  • In-Home Services
  • Spanish Services

We deliver medical eye care to patients statewide in various settings, including but not limited to places such as private homes, memory care residencies, assisted living/nursing facilities, and group homes. We perform our services on-site, thus eliminating the inconvenience of scheduling and transportation. Along with this essential service, we also provide standard eyewear and refractions when appropriate, and, in many cases, we deliver your eyewear. We also have a Chandler office and a Mesa office for those wishing to come to a traditional office.

business hours
M - F 7:3- AM - 5:00 PM

We accept several insurances and abide by their fee schedule, minus any copays, coinsurances, and deductibles that may be patient responsibility. When a patient presents insurance with which we do not participate or with no insurance, our mobile services start at $210.

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