Budgeting Assistance

Do you or someone you know who is age 60 or older, or physically disabled, and in need of help paying bills each month?

PCOA’s Personal Budgeting Assistance program prolongs independent living in the community for low-income older adults who have difficulty managing their financial affairs. They may have had their utilities shut off, be in danger of eviction, or have experienced financial exploitation.

Trained volunteers can help you budget, write checks, and organize bills. People we have helped report improved peace of mind, stabilized finances, and help with solving financial problems.

What our volunteers can do

  • Help sort, mail and organize bills for payment
  • Balance checkbooks
  • Help set up a list of monthly income and expenses
  • Write checks from a designated account for client signature

Income and other eligibility limits apply. For more information, contact our Helpline at (520) 790-7262.

Additional Resources

Bankruptcy & Self-Help

Bankruptcy, under federal law, provides relief from creditors. If you're having issues paying your debts or are threatened with garnishment, foreclosure, or repossession, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be an expensive and complicated process. Speaking to an expert prior to making your decision to file is advised.

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Budgeting, Counseling Assistance

Budgeting can be difficult, especially if you're looking at or just recently entered retirement. These resources can help you to prioritize your finances and get on track with a sustainable budget.

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Emergency Rent & Mortgage Assistance

Those who offer rent and mortgage assistance may also be available to obtain clothing, hygiene items, gasoline, bus passes, and food vouchers. To receive assistance at these agencies, you must first call for an appointment. Walk-in appointments are not available.

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Emergency Utility Assistance

These programs can help low-income people pay utility bills, including water, electric, phone service, trash, and more. Most programs have income limits, guidelines, and an application process. Organizations funded through the Low-Income Senior Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) are only able to help with one utility bill per person per year.

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Fiduciaries and Representative Payees

A fiduciary serves as guardian, conservator, or estate administrator (personal representative) to protect the legal rights and financial interests of vulnerable adults, and to administer the estates of deceased persons when there is no one else willing or capable of serving in that capacity.

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Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure is an unfortunately common situation that can ruin people's credit and financial stability for years to come. If you've fallen on hard times and foreclosure seems inevitable there still might be a chance to prevent foreclosure. Some of these options include loss mitigation like short sales or deed in lieu, while other community resources have information on how to restructure your loan or how to get back on your feet.

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Medication Financial Assistance

Many pharmaceutical companies offer assistance programs that provide medications at reduced or no cost to patients in financial need. There are also charitable organizations and foundations that provide assistance to patients who need financial help to obtain prescription medications or treatment. Financial help is not available for all medications, conditions, or treatments. Most programs are limited to helping pay for specific drugs that treat specific medical conditions and will not help with medications that treat side effects such as nausea. Most listed programs are online databases where you can search by drug name, pharmaceutical company, or diagnosis. You can also search by prescription discount cards, manufacturer drug coupons, and other sources of help.

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Mortgage Counseling

Often when taking a new mortgage or acquiring a reverse mortgage, you will have to go through mortgage counseling. Sometimes this is required by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or your lender. Counseling sessions typically take between 60-90 minutes. When you call to make an appointment with a mortgage counselor, you will be asked to provide certain information such as your age and your gross monthly income, in addition to other questions related to your financial situation.

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Multiple organizations in town can help you to complete your taxes, answer questions regarding your taxes, and/or assist with the IRS. Many programs have multiple locations and varying times.

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Utility Discounts

These programs offer financial discounts on utility bills. Most programs have income limits, guidelines, and an application process.

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